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Welcome to Trinity Newington Residents' Association website

Trinity Newington Residents' Association (TNRA) was formed in 1976, by and for residents of the Newington Trust Estate in London, SE1 (now rebranded as Trinity Village). This consists of Trinity Church Square and Merrick Square, parts of Cole Street, Falmouth Road, Swan Street and Trinity Street and Bedford Row. Click here to see pictures of parts of the estate.

For over 30 years, TNRA has worked to improve life for residents in numerous ways and had many significant achievements. TNRA organises events for the community and helps residents deal with the managing agents and Southwark council. See more in the About TNRA section. See here for details and advantages of TNRA membership, including discounts with local businesses. To contact TNRA click here.

TNRA is 40 years old ...

... and we are celebrating with an evening in Henry Wood Hall on Tuesday 22 November. To book, see here.

This event is open to current TNRA members only. So, if you have not yet paid a subscription for 2016/17, please do so now here before booking.



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