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Guide Runner for Visually Impaired

Hi Everyone!

I’ve recently become a certified Guide Runner with England Athletics and I am now looking for a visually impaired or blind person who would like to try out running. I would be their guide and in the first instance we would meet to talk about requirements of the individual (have they tried running before, do they want to run with a tether, what distance and speed etc.), then engage in a running schedule that suits us, starting off super slow! I am happy to run with someone who has never run before or who runs already! It would be great to partner with someone who would be interested in building up their skills with me to run a 5k race.

If you know of anyone who is visually impaired or blind who might like to try out running with a guide – please pass on this message!

I can be reached at or my phone at 07426487596
For more information on guide running, please visit the England Athletics site here:

Thank you,
Stephanie Kovala

Contact: Stephanie Kovala

19 August 2017  » Sign In