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News from TNRA

04 May 2017

THERE IS A STILLS SHOOT MIX (sister brand to Next) with female model and small crew on Tuesday 9th May sometime. They will be in TCS for about an hour filming one model. They are giving TNRA a donation. If you have any issues contact the location manager on 07903777449 and also let us know.

Advance notice

A BIGGER FEATURE FILM wants to use Merrick Sq as the home residence for the main actor, filmed coming and going out of one of the houses in Merrick Sq and also in the gardens. We will keep you informed as plans progress. A 3-day filming with also set-up time. This will be a period piece set in the 50's and the film company has already started to discuss the filming with us and residents in Merrick Sq.

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