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Long leaseholds latest news

Management issues: August 2015

After the last few months a number of issues with Mainstay has resulted in Andrew Murray returning to the role of Property Manager for an intermediate period and Steve Price taking the position of Property Services Advisor.  Long lease representatives at TNRA; Tim Horsler and Meera Rajan will be meeting Andrew on the 11th of August to review issues that have been occurred over the last few months to ensure they are dealt with. If you have any major management issues please let us know and report them to the Mainstay London office 0207 099 5000 or trinityvillage@mainstaygroup.


Tim Horsler and Meera Rajan met Andy Murray on 11th August to discuss various long leasehold management issues following the handing over to Dean Cooper in May of all day-to-day responsibility for such matters.Key points arising from our discussions are as follows:
  • Dean Cooper has resigned. Andy has now taken back full responsibility for all long leasehold properties until such time as he can recruit a replacement for Dean.
  • In order to avoid AM and his Project Manager(s) being subject to an avalanche of emails and phone calls asking for information or action, Andy says that Mainstay will be able to offer a much quicker and efficient service to all long leaseholders if they can to initiate such requests via the Mainstay portal for their particular block.
  • Andy is pursuing various outstanding queries from a number of individual owners e.g. the treatment of payments on account and will provide relevant information and updates to those concerned as soon as he can.Mainstay have received quotes from four different contractors to carry out six separate jobs:
  • (a) external works for 59-63 TCS and Shaftesbury House; and (b) internal works for the other four blocks.
  • Negotiations are now taking place with two contractors to obtain the best possible overall price from one of them to carry out all these jobs. Once costs have been agreed relevant notices will be sent out to all owners, following which works are expected to commence during September and will be completed before the end of 2015.
  • Mainstay’s surveyor is in the process of reviewing all known actual internal and external costs plus agreed costs for those for all works due to be contracted and completed before the end of this year. All future cost estimates will be based on these figures, following which necessary funds will be collected by means of regular staged payments to avoid the necessity to request large sums in one go as has been the case in the past.
  • The beginning of 2016 will become a new Year Zero base, following which Mainstay will start gathering in funds on a regular staged basis against properly costed forward plans for all required internal and external works. If there are any instances of overpayments in the year ending December 2015, credits will be applied to the relevant opening balances for 2016.


Further to the May update (see below) which reported on the appointment of Mainstay as the new managing agents for all long leasehold properties, Tim Horsler reports that Andrew Murray and his team have made good progress in taking over both financial and day-to-day management matters.  In particular:

  • Communication in general  is much improved,  as is the quality and transparency of information provided.  
  • Notice boards have been installed in entrance halls on which Mainstay are posting contact details, instructions in the case of emergencies and other important information and announcements.  
  • Good progress is being made in untangling the poisoned chalice of partial or poor financial and management records inherited from the previous agents.
  • Detailed updates and reports on all outstanding and planned repair, redecoration and maintenance issues are being provided on a regular basis.
  • A programme of works to deal with the backlog of unfinished or never commenced repairs and redecorations has started.
  • Fire and General Risk Assessment reports have been commissioned and circulated, and action has been initiated to deal with those improvements to systems and facilities as required and recommended in these reports.
  • Mainstay have announced a budget preparation, circulation and presentation programme for 2015 and have agreed to present and explain all actual expenditure against budget to date to block representatives  during quarterly meetings.
  • An action plan has been initiated to improve the regular cleaning and maintenance of common parts and gardens, including the areas in front of the blocks.
  • All this has been complemented by a very useful meeting held with Andy Murray on 5th September 2014 and attended by those block representatives able to attend plus several others.  Further such meetings will take place in the future. Click here to download a copy of the agreed minutes of this meeting. 

In short, and based on the evidence of all that Mainstay have achieved in the four months since they were appointed, there is a general feeling that matters are finally much improved and that we can at long last look forward to getting effective, professional  service and value for money in respect of the service and management charges that we pay.

Update - June 2014

Following the termination of Capita’s contract with Bray Property Services at the end of 2013, and subsequent interviews with potential replacement companies (attended by Duncan McKenzie on behalf of TNRA) LRM were appointed to manage all the long leasehold properties. A meeting was then organised with LRM Ltd on 5 March 2014 at which representatives of the blocks concerned (4-6, 9-11, 45-47 and 59-63 Trinity Church Square, 18 Trinity Street and Shaftesbury House) were able to brief them on outstanding issues.

Not too long afterwards LRM backed out of the job, essentially because they had realised that the scale of the work involved was too great for them. Capita then decided to appoint Mainstay, a much larger company (and also one of those originally interviewed along with LRM Ltd) in their place.

A new briefing meeting (minuted and attended by Tim Horsler) was held with Mainstay on 2 May 2014. Duncan McKenzie was also present, along with Stephen Wilcox of Capita, plus Emiliano Nanni of Mainstay, who we were informed would be responsible for the day-to-day management of all the long leasehold properties.

Capita then informed us in the week ending 23 May 2014 that Mr Nanni had resigned from Mainstay to join another company – thus explaining why various emails to him from long leaseholders requesting information and action had gone unanswered. The situation at present is that a senior officer of Mainstay, Andy Murray, has temporarily taken over responsibility for all the long leasehold properties until a replacement for Mr Nanni is in place.

Tim Horsler has expressed to Capita and Mainstay - in very firm language - the anxiety and continuing frustration felt by all long leaseholders, especially in the light of long delayed repair, renovation and redecoration works and/or the failure of various managing agents over many years to provide an adequate service, to respond to queries, and generally to maintain the fabric of all the properties concerned in good condition.

Once we have news of Mr Nanni’s replacement we will circulate his/her details. In the meantime Andy Murray can be contacted by email at and by phone on 020 7099 5000. Julie Chapman ( will also remain involved in management matters until such time that all systems and staff are properly in place. Further details about Mainstay in general can be found at A full set of minutes of the 2 May 2014 briefing meeting with Mainstay is available on request.

Finally, Tim Horsler (61 TCS, has resumed day-to-day liaison responsibilities concerning long leasehold properties on behalf of TNRA with Mainstay/Capita, though he will continue to keep in close touch with Duncan McKenzie on all relevant matters.